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December 31, 2016


Deanna Staley

We're keeping today "simple" and then watching a movie tonight. We're supposed to get more rain this evening--and maybe even thunder showers. I'm hoping that Henry thinks the fireworks tonight is thunder--and that he doesn't get scared for 6 months about going outside at night to do his business!! This dog!! Pray with me about a situation please. Good friends (over 35 years) got a divorce about a year ago (just finalized this past October). They were married 56 years. (stupid right?) anyhow, SHE has been living in Lancaster all along, and since they were our best friends for so many years, I've been still seeing her. HE moved to Montana with one of the sons. Anyhow, we just found out that HE moved back to Lancaster a week or so ago, and now he's called Earl (his best friend for so long) The divorce wasn't one-sided--both of them are as stubborn as mules, but HE has threatened her with bodily harm a few times, and even a gun. It scares me (for her) to have him in town. Not only that, they are now living very close to each other--(in trailers)--different trailer courts, but about 1/2 mile away from each other. I'm so scared for her safety. She SAID she'd put a restraining order on him if she sees him in her court--but that really doesn't do much. He's coming over to our house sometime this next week, and I'm not really excited to see him after everything that has happened. I was ok with resuming the friendship after the divorce until I heard about the new threats to HER. Please keep the situation in your prayers. I'd hate to have a dead friend and another one in jail!! (by the way, they are both Christians.) Can you imagine? Ugh!

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